Russell Hantz
Whores Russell H.

Age: 43

Hometown: Dayton, TX

Occupation: Oil Company Owner



Placement: 5/16

Juror #5

Russell is a contestant on Big Whore House 1!

Russell was nomianted week 3 against Sean, where he survived the vote. He was nominated again during week 6 against Morgan where he also Survived. He also survived a Week 7 nomination against Joe D. and the Week 7 double eviction against Alexis. He was once again nomianted during week  9, this time against Natalie and Billy. The vote ended in a tie and Russell survived the tiebreaker vote over Billy. During week 11, Russell was nominated once again, this time against  Natalie and    Kim where he was finally evicted and placed 5th becoming the 5th member of the jury.

Voting History

Russell's Votes Votes For Russell
Sean Morgan, Alina, Sean, Sugar, Billy
Whores Immune
Whores Immune
Alina Alina, Morgan
Kim Alina, Kim, Liz, Alexis, Carter
Alexis Kim, Alexis, Alina
Billy Billy
Kim Natalie
Elimanted, Day 15
Jury Vote Natalie

​Game Status

Week Number Power Ranking Saftey Status In House
1 6th SAFE
2 4th Safe
3 14th Nominated
4 11th Team Immunity
5 11th Team Immunity
6 11th Nominated
7 9th Nominated
Day 11 7th Nominated
8 5th Safe
9 5th Nominated
10 3rd Indviudal Immunity
11 4th Nominated

Elimanted, Day 15