Season 2- Whorebags

Contestants: 16

Days: ???

Winner: ???

Proceeded By: Bores vs Whores

Succeeded By: Season 3

Big Whore House Season 2: Whorebags is the second season in the Whore House series. It is set to premier on Tuesday, July 19th! This is subject to change!


The cast was chosen by Manalord from a wide verity of popular reality shows. Castways where chose to have a wide berth of iconic, goddesslike, douchebag, loveable and intresting charcters to make for a fun an exciting season.


  • Power of Veto- ​After each nomiantion ceremony, the 2 nominees, and 4 people chosen by random draw (pre merge from the losing tribe only), will compete in another comp. The winner can take one of the nominees of the block and replace them with whoever they please. 


  • Team Divison was decided by An online team name generator decided the team names!
Name Team Made Merge Elimanted Placement
Helen Kim Caged Steam
Evelyn Smith Caged Steam
Tiffany Michelle Caged Steam
Nikki Grahame Caged Steam
Mitchell Olson Caged Steam
Emmett Blois Caged Steam
Jessie Godderz Caged Steam
Will Champlin Caged Steam
Stephanie Valencia Bizarre Pumpkin
Rachel Brown Bizarre Pumpkin
Tiffany Pollard Bizarre Pumpkin
Amanda Brown Bizarre Pumpkin
David Shelton Bizarre Pumpkin
Kevin Campbell Bizarre Pumpkin
Spencer Bledsoe Bizarre Pumpkin
Juan Pablo Galavis Bizarre Pumpkin

Summary of EventsEdit

This is just a summary of events! The entire season and voting for the current nominees can be found here!

Pre- Veto Nominees Veto Winner Post Veto Nominees Evicted