Season 1- Bores vs Whores

Contestants: 16

Days: 18

Winner: Kim

Succeeded By: Whorebags

Big Whore House Season 1: Bores vs. Whores is the first season in the Whore House series. It premiered on July 1st, 2016, and ended on July 18th, 2016, lasting 18 days total.


The cast was chosen by Manalord for displaying qualities of the two categories, Bore or Whore. The only rule was that the contestant was from the CBS version of Survivor for season 1!


  • This season followed the basic format of the series. No additional twists to impact the game would happen, bar extra eliminations in a single day, which would be added as needed![1]
  • Double Eviction- On Day 11, there was a poll post soon after the first ended. This lasted only a short while, basically elimanting 2 people in one day.


Name Team Made Merge Elimanted Placement
Garrett Adelstien Whores Day 3 16th
Kelly Shinn Whores Day 4 15th
Sean Rector Whores Day 5 14th
Rick Nelson Bores Day 6 13th
Joe Anglim Bores Day 8 12th
Morgan McLeod Whores Day 10 11th
Joe Dowdle Bores Merged Team Day 11 10th
Alexis Jones Bores Merged Team Day 11


Juror #1

Elizabeth Kim Bores Merged Team Day 12


Juror #2

Billy Garcia Whores Merged Team Day 13


Juror #3

Sugar Kiper Whores Merged Team Day 14


Juror #4

Russell Hantz Whores Merged Team Day 15


Juror #5

Alina Wilson Whores Merged Team Day 16


Juror #6

Carter Williams Bores Merged Team Day 17


Juror #7

Natalie Tenerelli Bores Merged Team Day 18 Runner-Up
Kimberly Spradlin Borers Merged Team Day 18 Winner

Summary of Events

This is just a summary of events! The entire season and voting for the current nominees can be found here!

Nominee #1 Nominee #2 Third Nominne (If Acc.) Evicted
Garrett Sugar Garrett
Kelly Morgan Kelly
Russell Sean Sean
Carter Rick Rick
Carter Joe A. Joe A.
Russell Morgan Morgan
Russell Joe D. Joe D.
Alexis Russell Alexis
Alina Liz Liz
Russell Billy Natalie Billy
Sugar Kim Sugar
Kim Russell Natalie Russell
Kim Alina Alina
Kim Carter Carter

​Voting Table

Voter: Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 8 Day 10 Day 11 (1)

Day 11 (2)

Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17

Jury Votes

Kim Carter Carter Russell Russell Alina Billy Sugar Russell Alina Inelgiable Winner
Natalie Carter Carter Joe D. Alexis Alina Billy Sugar Kim Kim Kim Runner-Up
Carter Rick Joe A, Russell Alexis Alina Billy Kim Kim Kim Inelgiable Natalie
Alina Sugar Kelly Russell Russell Russell Russell Liz Billy Sugar Natalie Kim Kim
Russell Garrett Kelly Sean Alina Kim Alexis Alina Billy Kim Kim Natalie
Sugar Garett Morgan Russell Morgan Joe D. Alexis Alina Natalie Natalie Natalie
Billy Kelly Morgan Russell Morgan Joe D. Alexis Alina Russell Natalie
Liz Carter Carter Russell Alexis Alina Natalie
Alexis Carter Carter Russell Russell Kim
Joe D. Rick Joe A. Kim
Morgan Sugar Kelly Russell Russell
Joe A. Carter Carter
Rick Alexis
Sean Sugar Kelly Russell
Kelly Garrett Sean
Garrett Kelly