Casting varies per season! Standard seasons will begin with 16 people.


The game is a mix between Survivor and BBUK! Each team will compete in an Immunity challenge, the winners will be safe and the losers will each cast a vote. The 2 people with the most votes will face a public eviction where  the person with the highest % of the public vote will be elimanted.  If there is a tie, then all people in the tie will face the public's wrath, however, except in rare circumstances, only one person will leave. Some weeks may ignore the public.

At an unspecifed time the two teams will become one and challenges will become indvidual. At another unspecified point a Jury will begin. The Jury is important. When the Public goes to vote for the Final 2/3 in who they wish to see be declared the winner, the jury can change all of that. For each jury vote a contestant recevies they will have an addtional 5% added to there final % of the vote, this can make a big diffrence if they get a lot of jury votes.

​How it WorksEdit

Each person will be given a score in the challenge types to determine how likely they or there team is to win a challenge. Every person will be given an intial trust list as well that will determine who they vote for, but events in the house can change this list. However at the end of the day this is all determined by!